cancellation policy

Order Cancellation

We cannot accept any changes or cancellations after the order is completed.
In addition, we cannot respond to any changes such as adding products, changing the number of items, changing the size, or changing the payment method. Please consider carefully before placing an order.


We do not accept any returns. Also, please note that we do not accept any exchanges due to customer's convenience.

In the unlikely event that the product is defective, we will exchange it for a good product. Please note that we may issue a refund if the product is sold out at the time of the exchange, or if the exchange is not possible due to a signed limited edition product.

[For mail order]
Please send an email to "CPD HOOME" with your name, order number, and the status of the defect within 7 days after the product arrives. We will guide you on how to deal with it later. Please note that it is not possible to specify the exchange method.

If the product is unilaterally returned without an agreement with the store, or if the product is returned in a manner different from the information provided by the store, the returned product will be disposed of at the discretion of the store, and no refund will be given. yeah.

*If there is evidence of a transport accident (corner drop, damage, etc.), please contact the shipping company directly within 7 days of receiving the product.

* Regarding the correspondence method, it is only possible to exchange for a non-defective product of the same type and the same design, and exchanges and returns for products of a different type or different design are not possible.

* If you contact " CPD HOOME " by email within 7 days after the product arrives, and follow the procedure that our store guides you, we will bear the exchange shipping fee.

* Products purchased at other stores cannot be handled. Please contact the store where you purchased the product directly.

Exchanges will not be accepted in the following cases:
・When 7 days have passed since the product arrived (please be sure to check the product at the time of delivery)
・If the product has been used ・If the product has been washed ・If the product has been damaged or soiled by the customer ・If the tag has been cut off Cases such as ・When the product is returned unilaterally without agreement with this store, or when the product is returned in a way different from the guidance of this store